We utilize the cutting-edge modelling techniques to foreacst style rotation and factor timing on index levels, which are used to design spread trading strategies with E-mini futures, tactical trading strategies with ETFs and index futures, and style rotation between value and growth, small size and large size.

Predictions and Strategies

Growing investment aggressively with confidence:

The strategy is so good that no need to use leveraged ETF:

Even the long-only strategy could have added significant values:

Chinese investors can also use the strategy with local NASDAQ 100 ETF (trade long signals only and adjust positions with next day open prices):


Chart Terminal

The Chart Terminal delivers historical and real-time preditions in the interactive charts, and also serves as the api for users to developer their own automatic trading software.

API Trader

The API Trader connects the IB accounts through the IBGateway to trade strategies signals automatically. Traders can define their own trading algorithm.